What we do

Refrigeration requirements are as diverse as we are specialised. Our staff have an extensive knowledge base and a wealth of experience in every aspect of this temperature-dependent field. In addition to being able to supply ready-to-roll commercial and retail ranges of equipment for many standardised applications, EAR Engineering is well-versed in the provision of equipment to suit less common and project-specific situations. We can supply and erect customised freezers and cold rooms to suit virtually any configuration imaginable.

Our flexible approach ensures fast, accurate and cost-effective solutions for our clients. We offer you a wide choice, greater features and above all, greater control.

EAR Engineering can supply and install a broad range of the latest energy-efficient, readily available refrigeration products, such as:

  • Commercial fridges and freezers
  • Refrigerated containers
  • Ice machines
  • Dairy cabinets
  • Retail display cabinets for food, drink and patisseries
  • Ice Cream & Other Freezers
  • Cold Rooms and Walk in Fridges
  • Under-counter bar fridges
  • Home fridges & freezers
  • Wine coolers

All cold and freezer rooms are custom-built using top quality materials and equipment, and conform to all applicable local health standards and regulations

The Benefit to you

  • We offer qualified workmanship and solutions tailored for your requirements and demands.
  • Repairs at affordable rates.
  • We keep our appointments
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Our work is guaranteed
We pride ourselves in understanding the complexities of our industry and with a fervent commitment to service quality and excellence has earned the respect of Engineers, Project Managers, Suppliers, down to the restaurant manager. We make it our aim to keep our clients satisfied and rest assured, it is our objective to be available, reliable and consistent, always tending to the individual needs of each valued customer.

We are trusted by so many customers on Equipment Selections, Fabrication, Sales, Services, Repairs, Installation and Maintenance. We would like to continue meeting the demands of all our customers and would like to extend it to potential satisfied customers.

Competitive Rates

We offer competitive rates for the supply, service, repairs and maintenance of:

  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Chiller Plants, Cooling Towers
  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Cold rooms, Freezer rooms, Highbacks, Underbars, Chillers, Island Freezers, Display Cabinets, Curve Glass Cabinets, Wine Chillers, Beverage Coolers, Upright Freezers, Blast Freezers
  • Residential Refrigeration
  • Marine Refrigeration
  • Industrial and commercial ice machines
  • Commercial Air conditioning Systems

High wall Splits, Window Units, Cassettes, under ceiling, Ducted Units, Server Rooms, Down Blowers, Console Units, Multi Splits, Inverters, Package Units, Heat Pumps, Air Driers

Residential Air conditioning Systems and more.

We respond to emergencies the same day.
Non-emergencies will be responded to within 24 hours of receiving your call.